Camille shares her secrets as a Happy Single Mother


Can you describe yourself in 3 words ?

Creative: In everything I do, whether it’s a presentation , an art piece, an activity with my son or a home project, I always question the status quo and channel my creativity.

Candid: I keep it real.

Compassionate: I can’t help it, I care a lot about people and I feel what they might be going through.

What is the greatest accomplishment of your life so far?

Marcus. My son. He’s by far my greatest achievement. To watch him grow into a good, kind and respectful person brings me joy and makes me proud. I’m so blessed!


Can you describe the relationship you have with your beautiful son?

We have a solid relationship built on love, respect and honesty. He respects my authority and although we have lots of fun together, he’s aware that I’m the parent. Also, he challenges me and calls me out on things all the time. I am the ultimate negotiator (my mama would agree that I never, ever stop arguing) and I realize that Marcus is cut from the same cloth.

What are the main values you want to transmit to your son?

Honesty, integrity, openness, confidence, patience, compassion, and RESPECT: we must always respect ourselves, others, as well as our environment.


« It has been my observation that parents kill more dreams than anybody » – Spike Lee

What do you think about this quote? And what do you do to make sure Marcus’ dreams stay alive?

I love to hear Marcus speak about his dreams and what he would like to experience in life. I think that listening is key. Our education system isn’t necessarily built to help our child’s develop their dreams or individual interests; therefore it’s important that these are cultivated at home.


We often say that one of the hardest thing when we experience motherhood is not letting the mother we are becoming erase the woman we are. How did you manage to balance those different worlds of yours (motherhood + social life + work + wellness)?

I don’t sleep! No but seriously, I take the time to enjoy life. I often involve Marcus in my social life, I bring him to work once in a while, even the gym. When he is involved, he understands. We always talk about how we’re a team and that we got to help each other out! He knows that when I am with him at his guitar lessons, even if I’m not the one learning how to play the guitar, I’m just happy to be there for him.  Same thing when I bring him to the gym, he might not be the one working out, but he’s cool with being there because he knows it matters to me.

Marcus is 7 years old and you have been a single mother for the past 4 years, what have been the biggest challenge for you? And how did you deal with it?

I would say that my biggest challenge is just accepting that I am not Mommy & Daddy in-one. I am independent and the best Mommy that I can be, however I can never fill Daddy-shoes. This being said, I’m happy that Marcus has a healthy (long-distance) relationship with his father.


As a single mother that I admire for being so positive and loving towards your son and yourself, what could you say to any woman in the same situation?

Everyone’s situation is unique, and everyone operates in their own ways, so I understand challenges and struggles that some women might face. I would just suggest that first and foremost, you should be someone that makes YOU happy. Work on that first. Once you’re happy, your child feels it and it makes everything better!

Now, before being a single mother, you are most importantly a mother, period. What advice can you give to any woman out there wanting to have kids but hesitating for various reasons (time, career, education, responsibility, Mr. Right, money etc.)?

Do you want kids, or do you want a family? Let that simmer… In this life, if you try to check all the boxes (time, career, education, responsibility, Mr. Right, money, etc.) you will lose your mind! Plans are fine. Goals are fine, but that 6th sense we have as women… call it intuition, vibes, call it whatever you want .. It’s golden, so listen to it. As corny as it sounds, life is precious and short, so live it up to the fullest, and remember, there’s a blessing in every lesson!

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