Love & Self-Esteem : Who determines your value ?

“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth”.

 At some point in life, every woman allowed a few men to make them question themselves, their worth, and their beauty, based on how they would talk to them and treat them. Today I can shamelessly say that I was one of them. And the same goes for men. We all went through this period as a youth where we were trying to find and build ourselves, and so we were affected or influenced by external opinions, whether at home, at school, or just in the outside world. As a teenager, I was bullied and it has tremendously affected me for a long time in most of my friendships, but I also acknowledge that it molded me into the strong woman I am today. I’m a loner, I’m reserved, I’m introverted, I’m weird, I’m mysterious, but I’m mostly confident in being all of that.

Weaker people lacking self-esteem will say things to bring you down because they are under the impression that it will lift them up. But they are wrong. It actually makes them weaker than they already are. Strong people with self-love, on the other hand, will tell you words to lift you up, to bring the best out of you. They will leave you space to let your own beauty shine instead of bringing you down in fear of being left behind or feeling less worthy.


Whatever people think and say about you cannot strip you of your essence, your qualities, your worth, or your value. And you can never in any circumstances let their insecurities validate your worth as a person. You should know for yourself that you are worthy, beautiful, talented, indispensable, and more. Women, you are all Queens. You are all Goddesses. I promise that if you dig a little deeper within yourself, you will find that Godly essence and it will emanate so powerfully that nothing will ever make you question your worth again. We are all unique, but we all matter, we are all needed, and when we all come together as assertive and powerful beings, loving one another, especially amongst women, it’s pure magic. It can move mountains.







Founder and Editor in Chief

I'm a thirty something years-old woman trying to inspire other women and get inspired myself.