Cynthia and Joe, a living proof that pure love still exists

Cynthia and Joe are two kind, genuine and loving persons that i’m extremely happy to know. I am very receptive to people’s energies  (#teampisces :-)) and to me, it speaks  way louder than words for it cannot be faked.

Well, when it comes to this couple, all i feel around them is the beauty of pure love. There is no doubt that these two are soulmates and they didn’t just find each other, they also worked together to protect their relationship and make it grow in the best way possible. I sincerely wish them all the best in the world and i am delighted to share this interview with you.

Ladies and gentleman, get ready to take notes 🙂

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love story

How did you first meet ?

We met back home in Burundi while on vacation, through mutual friends.

Can you describe your relationship in few words ?

Deep, strong and full of complicity.

What do you love the most about each other ?

Cynthia : I love his big heart and his caring ways towards people. Moreover,i love the way he treats me like a queen in simple and meaningful ways. He certainly knows how to make me melt! 🙂

Joe : Her amazing laughter/smile and her generosity, she’s truly a genuine human being

love story

What is one of your favourite dating memories and how did it influence your relationship ?

Cynthia : One of our favourite dating memories was at the beginning of our relationship, when we were getting to know each other. One day we spent all night talking until the wee morning hours. We discussed about our past relationships very openly, about our dreams/plans about the future, we went deep into sharing our feelings and laughed a lot too. That night shifted our relationship to a more connected level, and was a major building stone of the deep trust that exists between us. It also laid the foundation for the strong/honest communication that we’ve had ever since.

Joe : I remember at the very beginning trying to impress her with my amateur guitar skills and she happened to love music as much as i do so it was perfect because we communicate through music sometimes.

love story

What made you realize that He – She was the one ?

Cynthia : Gosh this is a tough one because there are so many things:) first off, we share a whole lot of  the same values, and that’s something that’s important to me. When we were  still getting to know each other, sometimes it would even get scary and quite hilarious at the same time, as if we were literally reading each other’s minds!

Secondly, he always treated me in a such way that i would be very comfortable with him. I just love the way i can be myself with him, in a way that very few people know me. He made it easy for me to just be me when I’m around him, and that right there made him a keeper to me. Thirdly, he makes me laugh a lot, which is definitely something that I was looking for in a man.

love story

Joe : Let me start by saying that she won my heart because she’s down to earth, generous, fun, smart, and so hot:)

Most importantly, i realized she was the one when i got to know what a spiritual being and a go-getter she is. She has a very positive outlook about life, and always goes after what she wants in life with a positive attitude. I’ve witnessed her literally bring some of her dreams/ aspirations to life through hard work and an unbeatable positive attitude, and that inspires me so much. Her positivity is contagious and  i know that it will definitely help us  to go through the ups and downs of this journey called life together.

What are the most important components of your relationship that not only helps you keep the flame alive but also helps  go through life and its challenges ?

Our friendship, mutual respect, communication, trust and complicity.

To us, an open and honest communication is the key to a happy and fulfilling relationship. Also, it feels amazing to know that we’re each other’s best friend. We talk about everything, the good and the not so good, we share deep feelings, dreams, and fears. This in  return builds up our strong trust and complicity.

It’s also very important for us to never stop surprising each other every now and then, and to continuously please each other in simple yet meaningful ways. The daily attentions and marks of affection towards each other keep our chemistry alive and strengthen our bond. We never wait for special occasions like a birthday, or Christmas or valentine’s days to show how much we care for each other. We also take time to date and look good  for each other, which keeps the chemistry very alive:)

Another extremely important thing is to always respect each other’s opinions, thoughts and preferences. Compromise is crucial!

All of the above has helped us  build the strong relationship that we’re so grateful for today. Above all, we owe what we have to God, who is our keeper, who made us for each other, and who is the one that, at the end of the day, enables us to be the partners that we need to be to each other.

love story

What have you learned about yourselves through your relationship ?

Cynthia :I’ve learned the extent to which I could brush off things that i thought used to be “big deals”. Sometimes you walk into a relationship with a mental list of things you “can’t possibly compromise on”, only to realize that when you’re truly in love with someone, the only thing that matters is the happiness of your other half.

Joe : I’ve learned that i can change  and adjust my ways for the woman i chose to be my partner for life.

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Describe how he – she makes you feel ?

Cynthia : Simply put, he makes me feel like a queen, his queen. I appreciate his caring ways a lot, and i don’t take it for granted. I let him know very regularly how happy he makes me, and always make sure to treat him like my king. Also, the way he looks at me just makes me melt.

Joe : She makes me feel complete and happy

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CYNTHIA – What was the most beautiful surprise you ever  had from Joe and how did it make you feel ?

The most beautiful of them all so far was at our wedding diner.

As we were about to cut the cake, he asked the orchestra to play the beat to a song that he started singing to me. The song is called “Stay with you”, and the deep lyrics were just perfect for the occasion. As he looked into my eyes and started singing, tears started rolling down my face. He really caught me completely off guard and made my heart explode with love and joy. It was a very beautiful and unforgettable moment that i will always cherish in my heart.

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What are the hardest and easiest elements of being married ?

The hardest would be the compromise part. It’s not always easy but it is crucial to a happy and healthy relationship.

The easiest part is getting to share your life with your best friend. It’s a true blessing and such an amazing feeling!

If you could give one wise advice to couples before getting married, what would it be ?

Establish a solid communication pattern and ALWAYS, ALWAYS be each other’s #1 priority.

Thank you !

love story

love story


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