Michal Harewood, co-founder of Inhairitance Academy shares her vision and projects


Can you describe yourself in 3 words ?

Motivated, Philanthropist, Kind

What qualities do you appreciate the most about the people in your life ?

They are inspiring, hardworking and very humble.

Which accomplishment are you the most proud of today ?

Inhairitance Academy, i am proud to be co-founder and responsible for all training of our natural care curl experts.

Inhairitance staff needed to have training. This needed to happen. Now we teach free and paid classes for the community and in hair dressing schools. The growing concern of lack of information or digestible information in both French and English created the environment for this much needed trend and hairology.

Who inspired you the most in your life ?

My mom. She passed away too young of cancer. But through it all she pushed me to be anything and do anything I wanted to do.

You are very engaged in the black community of Montreal, what would you like to share about it ?

Politically and Socially I am very active. Before Inhairitance I represented youth and women in different organizations as a board member and council. It was hard work to get things done and not to live in the past. Hard to convince those whom came before me that the time was now, that time won’t wait, and that we needed to partner and unite. Now I unite around women and men of the diaspora and Europeans around curly hair. I will become increasingly active politically in the black community in the near future, however not in the same “cul de sac” way I’ve done in the past.


Within the last 5 years a lot of  black women decided to go back to their natural hair, would you call it a movement or just a trend that will pass like any other  trends ?

This is a natural hair movement. The sales of perm have decreased, consciousness of chemicals and chemical application has increased, knowledge of cancer and preventative care has increased, and those whom are of African decent who are natural love their naps and curls and live with great confidence in themselves which is infectious. Schools of hair dressing have recently ask to learn about curly and afro hair because of Hollywood, and magazines and high media profiles surrounding our hair.

You work at Inhairitance as a hair expert, what would you say to anybody considering going back to natural hair ? And also any new nappy struggling so bad that going back to permed hair seems like the only option ?

Do it for you and not for anyone else. Go natural because you want to be healthy, take care of you, and you feel that you are ready for drastic new look, and also ready to wear your hair as the universe intended your hair to be.

And for those struggling, first if you need advice Inhairitance will be there for you, as well as hydration is the key and it is not found in oils but in natural conditioners. Every head of hair is different. Try flat ironing your hair first before going to the crack. You stopped the perm for a reason, remember the reason.


You will soon launch your own line of natural hair products. Considering all the other products available on the market, what will make your products special ?

My products as those found at Inhairitance will be 95% to 100% natural, they will be hydrolised and better suited for winter and summer months, They will include step by step usage. Any hair type or scalp type specific for the best experience a curly girl can ask for.

Michal, you are actually writing a book, could you tell us what the book is about ? what inspired you to do it ? When is it coming out and how to get it ?

I am currently editing the book. The book will dispel the myths about curly kinky hair once and for all. It will classify information in digestible chunks. It will talk about what to stay away from and what to keep in your regimen. How to build a regimen, how to use your oils at home, nature, and styling tips that will make life a little easier on us naturals. My clients inspired me so much with their questions that I felt there was a need for a simple expert book that didn’t monkey see monkey do from the internet, but had real good knowledge that is adaptable and not complicated.

Hopefully, this September and in French by October sold online and locally at Inhairitance.

What is your greatest dream ?

My greatest dream is to be alive when all humanity unshackle their mind, when money has no use and poverty no longer exists, when there is a cure for every ailment, when wars are part of history, and love and light are practiced and not just preached. My dream planet.

Photograph : http://www.ness-photography.com/ Make up: Fama

Founder and Editor in Chief

I'm a thirty something years-old woman trying to inspire other women and get inspired myself.