Interview with Magdala,a strong woman following her passion for singing

Magdala is an accountant, happy with her job but also very ready to follow her dream to become a well established singer. She was introduced to me few months after she was installed in Montreal. She decided to move here to invest more time in her singing career and the first time we spoke i loved her honesty and determination. This young woman clearly knows what she wants.

Get ready to meet Magdala, a women of exception.

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magdala music

Can you describe yourself in 3 words? 

Beautiful: most of my life I had low self-esteem, it actually took me a while to realize I’m beautiful

Loving: I’m a sucker for love…

Misunderstood: I often meet people who tell me they thought I was a snob and were surprised to realize I’m really down to earth (ohhhh the bitch resting face)

 What makes you truly proud of the woman you are today?

Hmmmmm… Realizing my worth. For the longest time I thought I wasn’t worth much. Realizing my worth has allowed me to strive to live to my fullest potential.

 Can you share with me the life experience that made you grow the most?

Broken hearts. LOL

Moving to another city, I had to start from scratch, discover myself, and that’s where all the exploring and development really flourished. I was already rooted; the plant just needed some watering and sun. Moving allowed me to be positioned under the sun and be nourished for growth.

 How did music influence your life?

It allows me to speak my mind. It allows me to release, the freaky, the bitchy, the classy, the driven, you name it, I can do it with music, and others can do it with my music.

You’re an accountant who loves her job but lately you decided to put more time and energy in your singing talent. How did you discover this talent and what is your ultimate goal?

I was 5 when I started singing. But I was the fifth child. The fifth singer in the household. Coming in fifth place is not cool! Moving made it so I was alone, and I discovered, or rediscovered for some, myself and my skills. The Bible says we shouldn’t waste our talents, otherwise we might as well give them away to people who will use them, so that’s what I’m doing, using them.

I want my songs to be sung by many. I’d love to be writing tracks for others too. Not just myself. And I want to be a force to be reckoned with.


magdala music 

Why did you leave Ottawa for Montreal and what was  the hardest thing for you in this process?

Honestly, God was all up in that move cuz I was aiming for Toronto

Stepping my foot down and deciding what was best FOR ME. I’m a people pleaser, and my family is here, and I wanted to please at my job too. So it was hard to step my foot down and say “Ok, say everybody’s happy, what’s happening with me?” and in the end, I didn’t manage to make anybody happier than they would already be, but I stepped my foot down  🙂

 How is you musical career growing in Montreal? What are your projects? Are you working on an album?

Montreal has been amazing to me.

I didn’t see it coming, but I kept going. It was hard but I kept pushing, kept showing up, kept doing my best, even when it didn’t seem like a best for everyone else, I was doing the most I could, and that has kept me growing.

I have many projects , but mostly right now, it’s about my EP launch and the album release party, in collaboration with Musik Therapy United #MTU   It’s coming soon !


Why « D-light Full »?

D-Light Full was my spoken word stage name. It meant “full of light”. I changed it to Jersey Light when I really started on the music bid, but on the journey to finding myself, I realized I should be me. So I went with Magdala, which is my name. I have a beautiful name… so they say 🙂


magdala music 

What is your musical style?

I have a blues / jazz voice I think. But my style is R&B / Hip Hop still… just because… I love it 🙂

People enjoy when I rap, but I’m very critical of flow and lyrical arrangements, so I’m still pretty shy about it. Still I’m a closet dope rapper LOL.

 Do you write your own songs? If yes, what inspires you the most?

Yes yes yes !!!

Heart breaks LOL! Did I say I was a sucker for love?

Life as a black person gives me a lot to write about too though!!!!

And wanting to have a positive impact on the world: makes me write a lot about success and motivation

 What messages do you wish to transmit through your music?

Victory, Beauty, Strength, Aspiration

 Do you relate more to old school music or today’s music? If you could change one thing about today’s music, what would it be? Why?

Well what’s old school? Afrika Bambaataa old? Run DMC old? Lauryn Hill old?

LoL !

I love The Fugees and Aaliyah, and Ginuwine. And I love YMCMB, Beyoncé and Rihanna.

Politics is all I would change probably, but I just gotta learn to play them rather than hate them.

 What are the rules you live by?

Serenity prayer all day!

Speak positive and speak life: You create into existence what you speak out, so choose your words accordingly.


Thank you Magdala !

magdala music



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