Carmen is a beautiful 20 years old woman whose honesty will blow your mind


Can you describe yourself in 3 words?

Indecisive: I like to be carefree but I’m  also someone who thinks a little too much. The biggest conflict I have is between being rational and being myself.

Spontaneous: I prefer this word to unorganized. I like to do things when I feel inspired and I usually feel inspired at the most random moments.

Approachable: I like to be there for people and get some smiles by doing unexpected and positive things.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with who you are?

I think I’ve always been a little uncomfortable with myself. I wasn’t proud of my features and my personality, so I was always doing a little too much to feel accepted. But over the years, I understood that I had to really love myself and stop caring about what others think of me because it wouldn’t bring me anywhere.  To feel comfortable about myself I mostly took some time alone and away from friends. Then I changed my entourage by talking to people I didn’t know before.  I decided to get to know the real me instead of trying to be someone else and it allowed me to learn a lot of things about myself ; I discovered many talents I didn’t think I had and  I’m still discovering exciting things about me.


What advice would you give to any women unhappy with themselves?

“Your flaws are part of what makes you unique and beautiful. So embrace who you are”. And honestly, that’s what I do. I look for the bright side of the things I don’t like about myself and I don’t let them condition my life.

What do you love the most about yourself?

I love that I have a lot of imagination. It makes the boring and lonely days a lot more joyful.

What activities make you feel good about yourself?

Singing, dancing, painting and dressing up !

These activities definitely make me feel good about myself. It can take 2 minutes or an entire day but when I’m down and pick any one of these activities it makes me feel good and when I’m happy .. well it makes me feel  AWESOME !


What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is not finding out what I am meant to do.  I’m still a little lost in the course of life and it scares me to see all these people around me growing  when I still feel stuck in the same place. But I’m confident and I know I will figure it out, I just don’t know when.

Who inspired you the most in your life ?

People who faced hardship to reach success are the people I look up to. I believe that nothing is given in life, you’ve got to work hard for what you want no matter what that is. So when I see anybody working really hard for what they want it makes me want to work harder for what I desire most.


What are the most important values for you ?

I value freedom and respect. Being free to speak, feel and think is essential to me. Also, one should be able to respect what the others say, feel and think even if he-she doesn’t agree.

Can you name 3 things you would change in this world if you could?

If I could change three things in this world I would :

  1. make sure no human being ever dies again over religion or race
  2. make flight tickets free so that we can travel all over the world, be able to see different aspects of life and  also visit our families more often.
  3. reset everything mother nature has to offer and not let humanity destroy that gift the way it did the first time.

What is your greatest dream?

My greatest dream is to find out my purpose in life. How I am going to achieve that is still undetermined, but I’m sure once I find that out, it’s going to be the beginning of something freaking awesome.

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