5 things you should know about yourself

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As individuals, we constanly learn about ourselves through different experiences. We often underestimate the power we have on our own lives and it’s caused by a lack of self-knowledge. Knowing yourself is a all process and here are 5 things  you should know about yourself in order to improve your life.

You need to know your priorities

Time is priceless and it flyes by. We often have too many things to do and it’s very easy to get busy not doing much, so the keyword is : priority. Your ability to find the right balance between work, family, friends and any activities that you like  will help you achieve a certain piece of mind. Take the time to know what matters the most to you, set your priorities so that you can put your energy on the right things. Also, keep in mind that you are not a machine and you don’t have more then 24 hours per day so when you have too much on your plate, take a minute to maybe skip something according to your priorities and focus on what’s more important to you.

You need to believe in yourself

Having insecurities is ok but the way you deal with them will determine a lot of things in your life. You have to take the decision to overcome them because nobody can make that move for you. Don’t create your own limits by lack of confidence. You are not perfect and trust me nobody is, that’s what makes life interesting. You are a special piece of this universe and it’s up to you if you want to make a difference. Make sure you don’t let your fears define you. Usually, what we fear the most is failure but the truth is most of the time it’s just part of the process so learn your lesson and move on. Failing after a trial is a lot more constructive than just not trying something you truly believe in. Of course you have to consider the risks you might be taking but life is about challenges and the first step to taking any of them is to believe in yourself.

You need to know what you’re good at

Knowing what you’re good at is easier said than done because it requires the previous point which is believing in yourself. In fact, you need to understand that failure is not something to be ashamed of as long as you did your best. That brings you to trying different things and getting to know what you’re good at and what you really love. We are all good at something but sometimes we just need to take the time and energy to discover our hidden talents when it’s not obvious; then it’s important to use them in a positive way.

You don’t need drama in your life

As i said previously time is priceless and drama is a big waste of time not to mention the energy it can suck out of you. You need to take responsability for the drama you might have in your life because it’s here either because you dramatize too  much over too many things or just because you’re allowing the wrong people to be part of your life. If you have a tendancy to be a « drama queen » try to hit the gym on a regular basis, do some yoga or anything that can help you get rid of that negative energy. Also, you need to understand that drama doesnt solve problems so try to keep your calm and be positive. On the other hand, if the drama in your life is caused by toxic people around you, run away from them …Nobody has time for that! If getting away from those people is too hard to do for you then learn to deal with them in a way that keeps their drama out of your life.

You can’t please everyone and you don’t need to

Don’t be that stubborn person who can’t take advice from anyone but you need to live your life the best way possible for you without worrying about what people say or think about you. When it comes to taking decisions in your life, keep in mind that you’re the one who will have to handle the consequences. Some people will always have something negative to say or think about you, you shouldn’t try to change that for the simple reason that you can’t and you shouldn’t care. Don’t try to justify yourself for being you. Those who really love you will take you as you are, they will respect and support you even when they don’t necessarily understand you. Now, nobody is perfect so having honest people around you who can suggest you things to improve about yourself is a good thing but you must listen to yourself and make sure you don’t forget to be You just by trying to hard to please someone else.



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