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Elissa is on of the amazing women who kindly agreed to participate to this celebration of women. She is the editor in chief of http://thelook-trends.tumblr.com/ and she is part of a very creative project that she might talk about with us in the future.

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Hi Elissa !

Could you describe yourslef in 3 words ?  Kind – Resourceful – The Look

What makes you the most proud of the woman you are today? I am proud of my strength and resilience to have come to a point in my life where what people say or what they do, doesn’t faze me; because what matters most doesn’t come from others but myself.

What is your definition of beauty ?  Beauty to me stems from the inside, in the sense that not only your love for life but the love you have for yourself should radiate from the inside out. { beauty is internal }

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When did you discover your own beauty ?  I really never thought of it and I don’t have an answer because beauty to me is in the eyes of the beholder and I’ve always thought of my love as being that true beauty.

What do you think about the media’s influence on the conception of beauty ?    The way the media portrays beauty has changed, it’s not perfect in anyway but it is evolving in the ideas of what is considered beautiful.  But truly the media give us what they think we want to see and it’s up to us as woman to speak up and not to be swayed by other ideas of what is or isn’t expectable. Just be happy in your own skin and celebrate what you have because no one is perfect.

What advice would give yourself when you were 14 years old ?  I would’ve told myself you are great and do not let anyone stand in the way of your greatness.

Photography : Cassie P. www.candidcass.com
Photography : Cassie P.


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