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It took many years for me to realize how beautiful I am. I now understand, that what makes me beautiful is not what people see of me, but more of what I see of myself. Truly accepting who I am makes me uniquely beautiful.

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I am  Active. Caring. Disarming.

 What makes you the most proud of the woman you are today?

Being able to stay grounded no matter what situation i am in allows me to connect and listen to my intuition and make clear important choices in my life.

What is your vision of beauty?

Beauty through my eyes is where I feel there is truth, comfort, peace and kindness. Beauty is in a smile, is being confident; beauty is in a good action, and beauty is also what is appealing to my eyes and to yours.

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What is your opinion concerning the media’s impact on the conception of beauty ?

The media has unrealistic views on beauty and unfortunately has a major influence on how people perceive beauty in general. The good thing is, I like to believe there is a community growing, making a positive impact and creating awareness of natural beauty. People are able to relate more, share their views, and communicate through social media platforms like this blog.

What advice would you give yourself when you were 14  ?

Look around appreciate the beauty that surrounds you but do not limit yourself to it. Remember that YOU are beautiful in so many ways and you are a special piece that makes our universe. Most importantly, embrace your true self …flaws and all.

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