What if ?

… What if the cosmetics industry stopped  repeatedly telling us that we have to fight our wrinkles because wrinkles-free is the appropriate way to age would there be so many women unhappy with their skin and body, not to mention how conditioned we can be with all the surgeries and products available ?

What if we could google the words « flat behind »  without having negative statements through titles like « Exercises to get rid of a flat butt », or « how to fix a flat butt » ? Would the squats exercises be this popular ? I mean they talk about it like it’s some kind of disease.. Making squats is OK, having a flat behind is OK, having any kind of REAL behind is OK as long as you don’t let it define you.

Here is my point : Beauty is something personal that we should not let anybody define for us.

The media are constantly exposing female beauty criteria but we shouldn’t set our definition of beauty according to what they decide to show us. We should all be aware of our own beauty and feel good about ourselves, that is my definition of beauty : embracing who you are.

I am not blaming the media because that would make us victims, which we are not.  Being beautiful starts with US individually and we are all responsible of our image.  However, when i  see what the media are broadcasting on a daily basis, it is frustrating because, WE, as women are all sexy in our own different ways and we are also a lot more than that.

We are intelligent, we are powerful, we are strong, resourceful, unique, and i could go on. No matter how we define success,  we have everything needed to succeed in life.

Let us take care of our bodies and keep the focus on our minds.




Founder and Editor in Chief

I'm a thirty something years-old woman trying to inspire other women and get inspired myself.